The Best Baseball Sunglasses Under $100 – Our Picks for 2023

These are our top picks for the best baseball sunglasses under $100. Every pair has been worn, tested and rated by us personally!

Not everyone wants the highest price products all the time. That being said, we all want to get the most bang for our buck!

If you are looking for more premium options you can check out our post on the best baseball sunglasses for on the field performance.

Sunglasses are no different. You can easily spend $300+ if you want. But what if you need something that’s a little easier on the budget?

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We selected 6 pairs of baseball sunglasses under $100. Here are our thoughts!

Best Overall → Marucci MV108
Best Looking → Rawlings Baseball / Softball Sunglasses
Best Budget → Tifosi Track Sunglasses

rawlings baseball sunglasses

What We Like

  • Classic "Baseball" style
  • Mirrored lens
  • A lot of color combos available

What We Don't Like

  • Uncomfortable
  • Hug the eyebrow line
  • Nose piece doesn't keep shape

These Rawlings glasses are pretty nice and our pick for "Best Looking."

Much more of what I would call a classic baseball look. Similar to the Oakley M frames that have always been so popular. 

They have a nice design and the the cool mirrored lenses give you that extra level of swag.

Outside of the look I want to like these a lot more than I actually do.

But there’s just a couple issues that I can’t get past.

Now keep in mind that most of this has to do with fit.

First off, the nose piece is a little odd.

Out of the box it was a little too wide and wasn’t even sitting on my nose.

The plastic part of the frame was the only part sitting on my nose it was really uncomfortable.

Then I noticed you could sort of bend the nose piece together and it would give a little better fit.

However, over time it widens out on its own and goes right back to the way it was before.

The second thing is it sits across my eyebrow line kind of weird.

Anytime I move my eyebrows the lenses shift up and down. Definitely not something I am very fond of especially when I’m on the field.

Overall for the price point I still think this is a good deal. 

They are good looking frames and will definitely add some style to your game. 

Under Armour Baseball Sunglasses

What We Like

  • Very secure fit
  • Adjustable nose pads

What We Don't Like

  • Not many color options
  • Does not include case

The Under Armour Blitzing sunglasses are another classic sports frame.

In terms of coverage, these lenses do a pretty good job. With this style frame there is always going to be a lack of coverage in the "peripherals ."

With the Blitzing, however, it isn't too big of an issue. 

They sit a good distance from the face without being too close or too far.

These do a great job of staying still.

I feel like I could sky dive without these falling off!

If you're one who likes to put your glasses on your hat you shouldn't have any issues with them falling off.

The nose piece does a great job of gripping the nose to keep them from
moving around which is a big deal when it comes to comfort.

Also notable, the nose pads are adjustable and seem to keep their shape after plenty of wear. 

The non-slip rubber on the temple area aids in gripping the side of the

As opposed to other models, the Blitzing doesn't offer many additional color options in either the frames or lenses. 

Marucci MV108 - Best Overall

What We Like

  • Designed for baseball players
  • Includes hard case
  • Secure fit
  • Great lens coverage

What We Don't Like

  • Limited color options
  • Higher priced option

The Marucci MV108 sunglasses are our pick for "Best Overall" baseball sunglasses under $100. 

These are great looking glasses with a larger, bolder profile. 

The lens coverage is great for this style glasses. They cover virtually all my field of vision, even at the bottom. 

As mentioned in a few other similar models, sometimes this style will come of short on the bottom of the field of vision. 

It may not bother you but for me it is distraction and not something I like when playing or coaching. 

These glasses also come with a hard case and polishing cloth. 

Not something you are going to get with a lot of other options in this price range. 

The rubber ear socks are large and add plenty of non-slip surface to the temple and ear area.

One thing to like about Marucci is they are a baseball first company. They understand the needs and demands of the sport. 

These frames are made to sit comfortably underneath the bill of your hat, or to sit securely on top. 

Although they are on the higher end of price, they are definitely worth every dollar. 

What We Like

  • Low price for this style
  • Larger lens 

What We Don't Like

  • Loose fitting & bulky
  • Not practical for on the field

The Blenders Concord Fast are a style that's been popular the last couple of years, especially with baseball players.

This is a much "fuller" look.

You'll see frames like this from like 100% Vision and Oakley.

 A lot of different brands are coming out with their own variations on these.

I don't love this sort of ski goggle look.

They are pretty bulky on the face and not something that I would ever wear.

This particular model does not have a tight fit. They feel very loose on the face. I would definitely not wear them during a game.

Also, there are some real back to the future vibes going on.

It's also had a piece that runs right through the middle to separate the two sides.

You can't really see it when you're looking straight, but every now and then I'll catch it in my vision, which would not be ideal, especially during a game.

One of the highlights, however is the price point of around $59.

If you're looking for an option that is in that popular design but isn't going to cost you $200 or more like some of those more popular brands, then the Blenders may be something to look at. 

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Secure fit
  • A lot of lens color options

What We Don't Like

  • Thinner frame
  • Sits high on face

The Skylon Ace sunglasses from Nike are your basic sports sunglasses.

Some refer to this style as "coaching glasses."

One thing that we found with this price point is for under $100 there's not a lot of options for the more full coverage lenses.

So these are just a very good solid pair of sunglasses.

The frame is a little thinner which makes them very lightweight.

I don't prefer that thinner look but that's just a personal opinion. 

The fit is very tight and secure.

Whether you're running or anything else active, you shouldn't have any issues with them bouncing around. 

Non-slip rubber is featured on the nose piece and temple area. 

In terms of fit I do feel like these lenses sit much higher on my face. There was a noticeable difference in the field of vision coverage.

At the bottom of my field of vision, these had to least amount of coverage. 

Overall these are a good pair on sunglasses.

In addition there are a lot of options when it comes to different color lenses. 

tifosi baseball sunglasses

What We Like

  • Great value for price
  • Secure fit

What We Don't Like

  • Thinner frame
  • Nose piece is not adjustable

For these reviews, we like to pick a brand that seems to be pretty popular that we haven't heard of.

For sunglasses that brand is Tifosi, our pick for "Best Budget" 

These are surprisingly a pretty good pair of sunglasses.

Not a whole lot different than what I'm seeing or what I'm feeling from the Nike's or the Under Armor's or even the Marucci's.

The big difference is the price point. You're going to be around $30.

These come with just a soft case.

They feature a little thinner earpiece, which again is just going to be personal preference.

The fit is really good with decent coverage at the bottom of my field of vision.

There is a little bit of that gap that I can see down at the bottom, but that's to be expected with this style. 

One or the main differences with the Tifosi's is the nose piece is not adjustable. The non-slip material is embedded into the actual frame.

The drawback to this would be if they don't fit perfectly on that first try, then there's not a whole lot of adjusting that you can do.

These come in a lot of different color options and I would say by far these are going to be the best option if you are on a tight budget. 

I'm actually pretty impressed with what they're able to do at this price point.


Finding the perfect pair of baseball sunglasses can be challenging, especially if you're on a budget.
However, we've researched and tested various options and have found six great choices under $100.
Our top picks include the Rawlings Baseball Sunglasses for their classic baseball look, the Under Armour Men's Blitzing for their secure fit and adjustable nose pads, and the Tifosi Track Sunglasses for their budget-friendly price.
However, the Marucci MV108 stands out as the best overall option, offering a baseball-specific design, great lens coverage, a secure fit, and a hard case. 
With these options, you'll be able to get performance and style without breaking the bank.

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