The Top 7 Places To Get Custom Batting Gloves

Have you been wanting to design your own custom batting gloves but not sure where to look?

Customization is the name of the game these days when it comes to athletic gear and you have some great options when it comes to batting gloves.

Here are our top 7 brands that will let you customize your batting gloves.

1. Franklin Custom Batting Gloves

When I think about batting gloves my mind automatically goes to the classic Franklin look.

My first pair were black and neon green (Which made a lot of sense because my Little League team was the Giants)

I loved those gloves.

Franklin now gives you the ability to design your own custom batting gloves in 3 different models.

  • Powerstrap
  • CFX Pro
  • Pro Classic

Here is what it will look like when you get to their design page:

custom batting gloves

Overall they give you the option to design 13 different areas of the glove!

You can even look and order designs that other people have created and saved to the site. Right now there are over 18 thousand designs to choose from!

A lot of them are pretty ugly as you can see below, but you can scroll for days to check out all of the designs people have been saving. Take a look

franklin batting gloves

The designer is very easy to use and the mock up gives you a real sense of what the glove will actually look like.

Within a few minutes I had my design finished!

I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking…

These gloves would kill with the old Phillies powder blues!

The only drawback to Franklin is there is no option to upload your own logo. If you are more concerned about the color scheme this is not a big deal, but sometimes it can be cool to have your team logo on your gloves.

The lead time is 4-6 after your order is placed.

2. S2N Sports

S2N sports offers custom batting gloves with another nice online interface with some great visual mock ups to give you a realistic feel of the finished product.

batting gloves for sale

You can select the colors on 7 different locations on the gloves.

For the wrist you can choose text or upload a logo. You can then resize and place the logo where you would like it on the wrist.

The one thing we like about S2N is there is no minimum order requirement as opposed to many of the other brands.

This makes S2N a great option for players looking to design their own batting gloves and only purchase a pair or two at a time!

Here is a quick sample I put together in a few minutes.

These gloves will take around 4-6 weeks to be completed and shipped.

3. 44 Pro Gear

44 Pro Gear offers a nice online designer for their custom batting gloves as well

You can customize the colors on 6 different locations on the glove. They also give you the option to upload your own logo.

Here is a quick design I came up with – I call it the “Cubbie”

Please note that you are going to have to reach a minimum order to get these custom batting gloves. 44 Pro Gear requires a minimum order of 26 pairs.

These gloves will take 5-6 weeks to ship out.

4. Sublimation Kings

Sublimation Kings offer a wide range of customizable products from batting gloves to all the way to cycling jerseys.

Here is a look at their custom batting gloves page.

best custom batting gloves

Next you select the color and style you would like to start with.

After you select your color you can opt to add a logo from their library or upload one of your own.

After deciding on a logo you can add text to the left and right hand straps.

Here is what I’ve got for my finished design!

There are definitely some limitations with their designer and it’s hard to really get a feel for the actual look of the finished product since they just offer a digital mock-up.

There is no minimum order for Sublimation Kings and the turn around time is usually 4-5 weeks.

5. Phoenix Bats

Phoenix bat company offers custom batting gloves but there are a lot more limitations when it comes to the design.

You don’t get to see a live mock-up of your gloves as you add colors etc.

You just select the size, color, and upload any logos or wording that you would like.

baseball batting gloves

That’s it!

Simple, but for those that would like a lot more options when it comes to their design it may be better to look at a different brand.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must order a minimum of 25 pairs to get the custom option from Phoenix.

This leaves out most individuals wanting to buy a pair or two and makes this mainly an option for larger team orders.

6. Spiderz Batting Gloves

spiderz batting gloves

Spiderz has some cool designs when it comes to integrating images in your custom batting gloves. I like how you can use one image that comes together when you put the two gloves together.

They do not have an online designer but they will send you a mock up of your gloves before they go in to production.

Here are the options you can choose with these batting gloves:

You can choose to only customize the colors or also use your team logo. Be aware that Option A has a 12 pair minimum oder and Option B requires a minimum order of 24 pairs.

Once again this may only be an option for teams rather than individuals.

Next you can choose from the Pro Palm or Web Palm which offers addition grip with their silicone design (This is similar to what you would get from a football receivers glove).

Lastly, Spiderz will send you a kit to make sure your players have the right fit. They do require a deposit for this fitting kit but it is 100% refundable.

After you fit your team and send in your order you can expect about 5-7 weeks of wait time before they are delivered.

7. Primal Baseball

Lastly you can check out Primal Baseball for their line of custom batting gloves.

As with a lot of other brands, they do require a minimum order and are geared more towards teams than individuals.

You can order 15 or 30 pairs at a time.

You can upload your logo but they do not offer a dynamic mock up on their website. You will receive a mock up via email before your gloves go to production.

You can customize the colors as well but there is not an option on the order form to select a specific color.

The lead time for Primal Baseball custom batting gloves is 3-4 weeks.


There are a lot of options out there when it comes to custom batting gloves so a lot depends on what is important to you!

Things like order quantity, lead time and the ability to add a logo to your design will all help determine which company you end up going with.

I expect that gradually more companies will pop up to compete with these 7 as I don’t think this market is FULLY meeting the needs of the customer.

Better design interfaces, more custom options and shorter lead times can be an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

What are your experiences with custom batting gloves?

Let us know in the comments!

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