Building a Jewelry Brand

If I’m being honest, I can’t actually say I thought that we’d ever get to this point.

All of this started as a tiny Instagram account that shared videos of kids relentlessly bat flipping all of the pitchers tossing 70-pooh out there.

But it grew. And grew.

And we started to think there may be some opportunity to do something really cool with this. Maybe even turn it in to some kind of business?

For the last 12 months that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Yes we’ve neglected the blog.

Yes we’ve neglected bat reviews.

We promise that soon there is going to be a resurgence of that content.

But we’ve never been more excited about the future of ALL Bat Flip brands then we are right now.

So without further delay we give you…..

Our sports jewelry brand: FlowX Jewelry

When we launched our apparel store last fall it was pretty obvious that jewelry was something that struck a chord with our audience.

So we got to work on figuring out how to connect with jewelry designers and manufacturers that could get what we had in our brains OUT, and into your hands!

We are proud of the products and proud of what the brand represents. Once we can get our heads out of the dirt for a few minutes our goal is to support the growth of youth sports and the experience and development of the players!

Our motto is “Play Confident. Play Free”

While the product is jewelry, the message is sports should be a positive experience for young athletes.

This doesn’t mean that we should alleviate all pressure and expectations.

Exactly the opposite actually.

We should be giving players the tools to deal with extreme challenges and adversity to better prepare them for the future.

Having the proper focus and perspective is what allows a player to “Play Free.” Not pretending that hardships and pressure don’t exist, or trying to eliminate it all together.

Here are just a few of the items we currently have in our store. All custom designed by us!

Number Pendants

Number pendant

These are a classic item for athletes everywhere. The stainless steel construction guarantees that it can take a beating on or off the field!

Chains are available in different widths and lengths so you can be sure to get the look you want.

Available in polished stainless, black or IP plated with 18K gold.

These are our “signature pieces” so to speak. It’s how most people get introduced to our brand and our products.

Home Plate Pendant

home plate pendant

This was the very first custom design we did other than the number pendants.

It’s simple but the sharp lines of the plate give it a great look. I guess that’s why it’s been one of our best selling pendants since we launched!

This design also comes in polished stainless steel or gold plated.

Catchers Mitt Pendant

Our catcher’s mitt pendant is a really cool piece and one that I think those dirtbags are going to love.

A catcher is a different breed of player so I think this pendant will really represent those that belong to that exclusive club.

You will love the extreme detail in this design. All of the laces and curves can really be seen. You can almost imagine the snap of the leather!

We have more pieces available in our line of sports jewelry that I think you are going to love. We also have a collection of premium chains available in sterling silver.

In the future we will be releasing more designs in various sports, as well as making select pendants available in solid 14K gold!

It would mean the world to us if you would take the time to support our brand and leave us a review. We want to know what we are doing well, what needs to improve and how we can better serve our audience.

Until then. Play Confident. Play Free!

Travis and Dennis

Bat Flip Bombs

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