Blem Wood Bats – Where to Find a Deal

The cost of of a single wood bat is often significantly lower than the cost of a good aluminum bat.

The problem is they don’t last forever.

There were many times that I broke a bat in my first couple of swings!

The cost can add up quickly.

Usually this leads people to search for lower cost bats. With a lower cost wood bat you are often getting a much lower grade wood.

Cheap wood is going to chip, crack and break much easier and quicker so often times you end up spending just as much by having to constantly replace it.

So what are your options?

I suggest you take a look at blem wood bats.

These bats are also referred to as blemished or xout wood bats.

If you are a golfer you may be familiar with the term “xout” as it’s used often on all brands of golf balls.

This simply means that the particular product or item did not pass the companies quality check.

Instead of throwing it away they offer it at a discount (often a very steep discount)!

I’ve been taking advantage of this for years when I purchase baseballs. I use the Wilson A1010S for practice baseballs.

This is their blemished stock of the popular A1010 model which normally sells for around $70 per dozen.

You can purchase the belmished A1010S for around $35 per dozen!

Does Blemished Mean Bad?

The best part about buying blem wood bats is often times the “defect” is purely cosmetic.

They engraved the wrong name, the colors were off etc…

There isn’t actually anything wrong with the bat at all!


Be sure to read each companies definition of blemished if it is not listed below. This may not be true for ALL companies.

To help you find some deals I’ve tracked down the best places to find a great deal on wood bats. While you may not choose to use them as a game bat they are all great options for practice.

Companies that Sell Blem Wood Bats

This is not an exhaustive list so know that there may be other options out there if you prefer a particular brand.


Marucci offers a selection called “Professional Cut”

marucci blem wood bat

They have a meticulous manufacturing process for all of their MLB players. These bats did not meet their exact specifications for whatever reason and they are pulled and sold as a professional cut.

Because these bats were originally intended for their pro players, you are getting some of the highest quality wood on the market at a discount.

You can purchase these at around 40-50% off the normal price.

You can buy single bats or they are sometimes available on their site in packs of 3 or 6.

Check them out on Amazon here: Marucci Professional Cuts

Old Hickory Bats

blem wood bats

Old Hickory is one of the most popular bat manufacturers for all levels of baseball. They had a very humble beginning but now make bats for some of the best players in the Major Leagues!


Old Hickory offers a line called “Black Label.”

They don’t specifically refer to these bats as blemished or X-out but they run about 40% off even though they are still cut from pro grade maple or birch.

You are not able to order a specific model but you can pick the length of the bat.

You can order them in singles, 3-packs or 6-packs.

Take a look at the Old Hickory Black Label Bats.

B45 Bat Company

b45 b1 bats

B45 was one of the first companies to release bats made from birch.

When I first picked up a B45 I absolutely loved the feel of it. They exploded in the market, especially in the minor leagues.

With so many competitors making birch bats now I don’t seem them quite as often, but they still have a great product and I highly recommend them.


Like many others they offer discounted blem bats. They call them their B-1 bats.

You can buy a single bat or purchase a 3 pack. Either way you are going to save around 30-40% on the cost of their highest quality wood.

On their site it says that “these bats were pulled due to aesthetic blemishes, wrong specs or other imperfection that have no impact on the quality of the bat.”

This is one of the best deals if you are looking for high quality blem wood bats.

Take a look at the B45 B-1 Bats

Max Bats

max bats blem

Max bats were really popular around 2007 when maple was still relatively new to the market. Companies like Sam, Slugger and Max were producing some great maple models.


They are still churning out a good product and offer their X-OUT bats at a very nice discount.

There isn’t a ton of information on their site as to why exactly these bats were pulled from production other than they did not meet their specifications.

It looks like they only offer a 3-pack or 6-pack in these bats.

Check them out Max Bats X-Out

Zinger Bat Company

zinger blem wood bats

Zinger sells blem bats and depending on what is in stock you can buy singles, sets of 3 or sets of 6.

The site says that these bats are discounted due to a knot or grain irregularity, weight issues, laser engraving mishaps, or the wood may be slightly bowed.

You don’t really know exactly what you are getting


They also sell something they call “cage bats.” These were taken off the production line very early due to the wood being bowed. They offer these VERY cheap, but I don’t think these bats are useful for anything other than drill work.

They even mention on the site that they recommend these bats if you are building baseball themed furniture. Probably not your gamer!

You can check out their blem bats here


Blem bats can be a great option if you like to hit with wood bats or you are playing in a summer league that requires it.

Because the cost of the best wood is so high this often leads players to purchase lower quality bats which break easier and more often.

As far as quality, make sure you pay attention to each companies description. Some are better than others.

But overall buying blem wood bats are a great option to get top of the line wood at a heavy discount.

If you prefer a different manufacturer simply search on their site for “blem” and if they offer something similar it should pop up!

I hope you are able to find some great deals!

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