First Look: Demarini 2020 BBCOR Bats

Big brands are starting to release their new bats and next up is the Demarini 2020 BBCOR bats.

There was a ton of buzz around the 2019 line. With Vanderbilt winning the College World Series with Demarini in hand the 2020 bats have been highly anticipated!

Let’s take a look…

2020 The Goods

We saw this bat make its first appearance during the NCAA super regionals.

First off, the name of this bat is just awesome. Like they say on Demarini’s website, “You’ve either got The Goods, or you don’t.”

The Goods comes in two models. A one-piece design as well as a hybrid option. These bats have the highest mass index of the new releases in the 33” and 34” lengths. This means they have a heavier swing feel due to added mass in the barrel. Demarini describes both of The Goods models as “power loaded.”

Let’s take a look at each.


2020 bbcor bats

The one-piece design is constructed from X14 Alloy and is engineered for maximum stiffness. Demarini says the feel is similar to a wood bat.

The one-piece model has a mass index that is slightly lower than the hybrid, adding a little additional balance.

It also features the Seismic End Cap which is made with very still materials in order to transfer energy back into the ball on contact.

This bat puts more mass in the barrel and is intended for power hitters.


the goods demarini

The Hybrid model of The Goods is a two-piece bat that includes a composite handle and a X14 alloy barrel.

Also sporting the Seismic End Cap, this bat is designed with the power hitter in mind.

Direct connection between the handle and barrel allows for maximum energy transfer while maintaining ultimate stiffness.

2020 Demarini Voodoo

2020 voodoo

Demarini likes to release both a one piece and hybrid version in most of their bats. The Voodoo is no different.

The 2020 Voodoo is a hybrid design with a composite handle and a X14 alloy barrel. This bat is going to be the more end loaded version of the two.

3Fusion Connection brings the two pieces together and reduces vibration on poor contact.

2020 Demarini Voodoo One

2020 demarini voodoo one

The Voodoo One is another one piece bat in the 2020 lineup.

Similar to The Goods, the Voodoo one is engineered from X14 allow and designed for maximum stiffness (something that most power hitters tend to prefer).

The main difference between the two bats is the Voodoo One has the ReAction end cap.

It carries a lower mass index than the regular Voodoo so you are going to get a more balanced feel.

2020 Demarini CF BBCOR

2020 cf bbcor

The 2020 line would not be complete without Demarini’s best selling bat of all time, the CF.

This is their two-piece composite bat designed to maximize bat speed and barrel control. The CF has the lowest mass index so you are going to get a very balanced feel throughout the swing.

The 2020 CF has a Paraflex Composite barrel topped off with the ReAction end cap.

Once again the 3Fusion connection will reduce vibration and also allows for greater weight control.

2020 Demarini CF Insane

2020 cf insane

The CF Insane just takes the speed and feel of the balanced CF and puts more mass in the barrel. This gives you a heavier feel and delivers more power at impact if you are able to maintain a high swing speed.

Just like the balanced CF, the Insane model has the Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, 3Fusion connection system and the all-new ReAction End Cap.

The bat is great for stronger hitters that love the CF but would benefit from just a little more mass in the barrel.

2020 Gattaca

demarini gattaca

The Gattaca was an earlier release this year and has been on the market for a while already.

We won’t break down all of the details since we’ve already covered quite a bit on this bat in our 2020 Demarini Gattaca Review.

Needless to say a bat that has separate models for right and left handed hitters is very intriguing. I’m looking forward to seeing more data on this bat.


This is where Demarini really wins this year.

I’ve always thought it would be awesome to have the option to customize metal bats with team colors etc.

For some reason this has always been missing in the marketplace. Only recently has it started to slowly emerge, but that was primarily reserved for large universities with endorsement deals.

Not anymore.

All of the 2020 bats give you the option to customize the colors on the following areas:

  • Barrel Base Color
  • Barrel Decal 1
  • Barrel Decal 2
  • Handle Base Color
  • Handle Decal
  • Main Grip
  • Grip Tape
  • End Cap

You have 20 different base colors to choose from and can select a matte or glossy finish.

demarini custom bats

I think players will LOVE this and it will be cool to see a lot of different colors on the field in 2020.

However, Demarini is not the only company to unveil a custom option. The Louisville Slugger 2020 BBCOR bats are available with very similar ability to customize.

This isn’t a big surprise as both companies are owned by Wilson Sporting Goods.


The 2020 Demarini BBCOR bats are an impressive follow up to the 2019 series. I believe the added customization option will be something that helps these bats stand out from the crowd.

It’s difficult to innovate on technology alone, sometimes you just need to add a little color!

You can order custom bats right now. The regular models have not been released for preorder, but I assume they will be available within the next 4-5 weeks.

Which one do you think will be a favorite among players?

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