The Best Baseball Bats of 2019

In this article we are going to break down the best baseball bats of 2019. 

We are not ranking these bats by guessing or coming up with what we think you want to see.

This was voted on by the BatFlipBombs community. Because who better to vote on this than actually players!

Those that are in the trenches using the equipment and putting it to the test. 

Hitters are looking for 2 main things when it comes to performance at the plate. Pop and forgiveness. 

If you put your best swing on the ball and square it up, is this bat going to maximize performance and give you the distance you expect?

What about when you miss the barrel?

Can this bat still produce a decent result when you hit it closer to the handle or the end of the bat? Forgiveness can have a huge impact on performance!

Ok lets get rolling with these bats!!

Louisville Slugger Meta Prime

best baseball bats

I don’t know if a bat has gotten more attention in the last few years than the Lousville Slugger Meta Prime. EVERYONE seems to love this bat. 

This was the top pick by a land slide. 

If you take a look at the Slugger Website it says “The New Meta Prime changes everything”


From the response this bat is receiving from the baseball community, it may have.

One of the biggest questions about the Meta Prime, however, is “is the bat worth the price tag.”

The answer seems to be a resounding “YES,” but let’s take a look at what sets this bat apart from others on the market. 

The Meta Prime has the biggest barrel of any -3 bat currently on the market by Louisville Slugger.

Generally speaking, the barrel is where the magic happens. 

Bigger barrel = better results.

The Prime has an additional 1/2 inch added to the barrel. While that may not seem like much, an extra half inch can be HUGE!

If you want forgiveness this may be the bat for you.

Take a look at this video from Louisville Slugger that reviews some of the core features of the Meta Prime design:

Next up….

Demarini CF Zen

demarini cf zen reviews

The 2019 CF Zen by Demarini was an obvious favorite in our survey.

The CF line is the best selling bat in the BBCOR line for Demarini and they definitely delivered on this bat as well.

The Zen is a balanced design which simply means the weight of the bat is distributed evenly. 

This is a popular choice for most players.


This allows hitters to produce the maximum amount of bat speed during their swing. If you prefer a bat that is more “end loaded” than you may not like the feel of the Zen.

If you aren’t sure how to know which is which, you can check out something called the Mass Index.

Most bats on the market will provide you with a mass index measurement. 

This simply tells you how the weight is distributed along the length of the bat. 

Bats with a higher mass index will “feel” heavier though the swing and would often be referred to as end loaded. 

If the mass index is lower then you should expect the bat to be more balanced and feel lighter throughout the swing. 

A low mass index is engineered to produce faster swing speeds while a high mass index is designed to increase power. 

You CAN produce speed and power with both options.

It has a lot to do with your particular swing and what type of feel you prefer. 

The CF Zen is a high performance bat and one that has scored big points with players this season!

Marucci Cat 8

marucci cat 8 review

While they originally gained popularity for their maple wood bats, Marucci has continued to improve on their line of metal bats.

They have carved out a big spot in the market and this years Cat 8 was a big winner.

Players love this bat and it’s easy to see why.

It comes in the normal white that has become a classic look for Marucci, but you can also get it in black (which is my personal favorite).


The Cat 8 is a balanced design which is a good fit for most players. If you want the end loaded version of this bat you can check out the Cat 8 Connect.

One thing I love about Marruci is they are now giving you the option to customize your metal bats. 

I think this is awesome and something that’s always been missing from the market!

You can enter a custom line of up to 25 characters that they will engrave for you. 

Most wood bats have had this option for years. 

There is nothing cooler than having your name engraved on your bat. I’m glad Marruci is giving their customers this option.

You can even select an alternate grip when you order from their site which is another cool option.

Last time I checked there were about 20 options ranging from different digs camos, American flag home plate and even one that has .400 written all over it!

Ok so what about the actual performance of the bat?

Nothing missing there either!

This is a one piece constructed out of AZ105 super strength aluminum alloy. 

The Marruci website states that this aluminum allows for “thinner walls, higher response rate, and better durability.

The one thing that is nice about the Cat 8 is that the design produces a ring-free response at contact. 

Some bats on the market are so loud that you’ll want to bring ear plugs if guys are using them in enclosed cages….. yes I’m talking to you Rawlings Velo!!

Take a look at this video from Marucci discussing the design and technology behind the Cat 8.

Marucci continues to be at the forefront of metal bat engineering and the proof is in the players! If they love it, you know you’re getting something right.

Honorable Mention

It should go without saying that our top 3 rated bats of 2019 are not the only great bats available. 

When it comes to popularity a lot of it can come down to design, marketing, brand loyalty and a host of other factors. 

Here is one more bat that had a lot of positive feedback with our community.

Demarini Voodoo Insane

voodoo insane reviews

One thing that I noticed is that the most popular bats tend to be balanced. This makes sense as a balanced design will often allow for more control and adjustability. 

Most hitters at the high school level and below would benefit from swinging balanced as opposed to end loaded.

The Voodoo Insane, however, was the one end loaded bat that kept showing up in the voting.


Because it is end loaded this bat swings or “feels” heavier than a balanced bat at the same length and weight.

Demarini has increased the stiffness of this bat in the 2019 model which along with the heavier swing weight is designed to increase power at contact.

The best way to know whether you are best suited for a balanced or end loaded bat is to get out there and swing each one.

You can measure things like swing speed and exit velocity to see which is higher and/or more consistent.

Some times the numbers aren’t all that different and it simply comes down to personal feel and confidence with the bat.

Let’s Wrap This Up

As I mentioned before, these are not the only great bats on the market.

There were many different brands and models mentioned in our survey but these stood out the most as player favorites.

Is there a bat out there that you think should be on this list?

Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

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