Design Custom Baseball Gloves Everyone Will Be Jealous Of

You can recognize custom baseball gloves when you see them. The colors flowing beautifully together just makes you feel like you’ve got to have it.

Well now you can.

The ability to design custom baseball gloves used to be expensive and fairly hard to come by. This isn’t the case anymore.

Technology and manufacturing have advanced to meet the demands of customers. You have more options than ever before when it comes to designing your dream glove.

We’ve been checking out a bunch of brands and using their platform to come up with some awesome gloves.

In this article we break down the best online designers that will give you an unbeatable look on the field that everyone will be envious of!

Rawlings Custom Gloves

Rawlings has always been a big name in the custom glove game. For those of us that played “back in the day,” we remember when it was big time just to have your name and number sewn on the glove.

Now you can customize nearly every piece of the glove!

When you get started they ask a few basic questions. Do you play baseball or softball? Do you throw with your right or left hand? Which line would you like to customize?

I’m going to go with Pro Preferred.

Next they will ask you about your preferred glove fit.

rawlings baseball glove size

I really like this option because it’s all about getting the right fit for your hand.

Next you will select your position and preferred size.

I’m designing the PROSFL12 – the game day model used by Francisco Lindor.

The only thing I like about the Rawlings designer is you are given a lot of options when it comes to the webbing.

Here is a look at the workspace.

rawlings custom glove designer

Overall you are able to customize over 17 aspects of the glove. From colors to fit, you have total control!

I quickly put this design together.

rawlings infield gloves

Rawlings also you to choose additional options such as finger pads, sweatbands and palm pads.

Similar to Wilson you can have your name and number added and also have a flag sewn onto the index finger.

This is a great glove designed with a ton of options.

Don’t forget that you can customize some of the less expensive models as well. The Heart of the Hide and Gamer XLE lines are available!

Rawlings scores another A+ for us in terms of options and design platform. They are hard to beat in this game!

Wilson Custom Gloves

Wilson has dominated the glove market for as long as I can remember. The A2000 is one of the most popular gloves of all time and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Using their online designer you can choose to customize an A2000 or A2K model.

I always preferred the A2K so that’s what I will design.

The number of gloves you can choose from include:

  • 8 infield models
  • 3 outfield models
  • 4 pitchers models
  • 3 catchers mitts
  • 3 first base mitts

I’m going with the A2K 1786 11.5” with an H-web.

The glove designer is beautiful and easy to navigate.

wilson custom baseball gloves

You can customize 16 different areas of the glove! Wilson gives you total control over the leather.

After you’ve completed your design you get to choose more specs on your glove.

Do you prefer your leather stiff of broken in? Select you preference based on the following descriptions.

wilson baseball glove stiffness

You can select long or short laces. Also, you can add text or a flag.

I was able to design my glove in about 10 minutes. It was extremely easy and the preview gives a realistic look at your finished product.

Check it out…

wilson infield gloves

You know you want it.

Keep in mind that these gloves will take 6-8 weeks for production and delivery. If you are opening your season next week you may want to consider a different route!

Wilson’s custom option gets and A+ for design capabilities and ease of use. Go check them out.

Marucci Custom Baseball Gloves

Originally known best for their maple bats, Marucci has become a respected name in the glove world as well.

They recently released a lot of new gloves and most of them are available for full customization. Let’s check out their online design platform.

marucci custom baseball gloves

Marucci’s online platform has a nice, clean look.

You can customize over 13 different areas of each glove. The mock-up updates with each selection and gives you a realistic look of the finished design.

I’m going to design one of their new Capitol Series Infield Gloves.

Once again, in only a few minutes I had a great looking glove ready to order. Take a look.

marucci custom gloves

Custom Marruci gloves will take 6-8 weeks to produce and ship.

Other Custom Glove Options

There are a lot other options on the market to design a high quality glove.

If you prefer to check out some different brands you can take a look at the following companies.

44 Pro Gloves – This company has produced some of the coolest designs I have every seen. The quality of their leather continues to increase and they are very affordable. Also, you will have more color options than you will know what to do with. 44 is a very cool company and worth checking out.

Mizuno – Mizuno still makes a high quality glove, but they don’t seem to be quite as popular as they were in the early 2000’s. They have a nice online designer and their gloves are going to run much cheaper than a lot of other brands.

Rico Custom Gloves – Rico offers 3 different series with 3 different leather qualities. Options include cowhide, steer hide and Maruhashi Japanese tanned steer hide. The online designer is very easy to navigate and gives you an updated mock-up as you go.


There is a lot of competition in the custom glove arena. Much more than they used to be. Ultimately this is a great thing for the customer. You have more options at a variety of price points than ever before.

Make sure when you design and order your glove you get the correct glove size for your position. Keep in mind that some manufacturers let you select things like pocket depth, finger shape and palm shape.

This will impact things like how the glove closes and ultimately how it performs. Make sure you know what you like and what fits your game!

Have you designed a custom baseball glove before? What is your favorite brand?

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